Sunday, September 14, 2014

Some Loves Last a Lifetime

 libertydenied, BCBG, BCBGMAXAXRIA, Nasty Gal, Shoe Cult
 libertydenied, BCBG, BCBGMAXAXRIA, Nasty Gal, Shoe Cult
 libertydenied, BCBG, BCBGMAXAXRIA, Nasty Gal, Shoe Cult
 libertydenied, BCBG, BCBGMAXAXRIA, Nasty Gal, Shoe Cult
 libertydenied,  BCBG, BCBGMAXAXRIA, Nasty Gal, Shoe Cult

I have this really bad habit when if there's an upcoming event of any significance, I invest every waking moment coming up with the perfect outfit for it. Every day, I pour more and more of my energy into it and fall more in love than the initial purchase. And as bad as this habit may sound, it was actually beneficial for the occasion.

I wore this shockingly chartreuse dress to a family wedding last weekend. I guess you can say it has been my latest 'relationship'...definitely not a fling. My goal was to be as obnoxious with color as possible...I figured that coupled with the hair cut, it would be surprising to my extended family. But totally forgetting the reason for marriage, I was the one who was surprised when I was enveloped with true love in every detail of the wedding. Everywhere. And while I can't say I fully comprehend how to love a person for the rest of my life, I was glad to at least have been there sporting something I truly love.

The magic didn't end when the clock struck twelve, and neither did the feeling that experience gave me. I never thought I would be capable of feeling that way ever again.

Even now,  the hangs up like a trophy after a win, and I know that it was the right pick. And as my strange habit of collecting one-time-wears continues, I'll always remember that night in that dress...fondly.

I guess you can say that some loves just last a lifetime.

Shoes by Nasty Gal-Shoe Cult

Sunday, September 7, 2014


 libertydenied libertydenied  libertydenied  libertydenied  libertydenied
I've never really enjoyed the summertime. Either it's entirely too busy or really monotonous. And the weather sucks. The best way I can describe who I've become this summer is a 'weekend warrior,' someone trying to soak up every minute of 'me time' and hoping I won't lose myself too deeply in adulthood.

There's a time of day where the sun is still up and the air finally loses its sizzle. It's at this time that I can finally put on something with a bit of warmth and texture and get back to enjoying my surroundings. Shooting during this time is almost like meditation for me. Everything just comes together and suddenly all the gravity of the day just lifts.

You know that I love pairing my staple pleather on pleather, but I also love it when my looks can reflect on these moments of peace.

Tribal Blazer by Blueprint Coleccion

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


 libertydenied  libertydenied
 libertydenied Although I hate to admit it, sometimes I just go overboard trying to expose any bit of skin I can get away with. For those of you who can't relate, let me explain...

I grew up in a relatively conservative environment. Liberal for a brown girl, yes, but conservative in a general sense. That being said, when I started purchasing and experimenting with my own clothing, I would take advantage of whatever I could slip out of the house in. Look after look, I found new loopholes to jump through in order to carve out my own style and still be acceptable to my parents. But after a while, even constant rebellion can get monotonous.

I had been looking for a refresher piece for a while: something to shift my mindset and help me understand my own body shape and taste, especially after the new haircut. With this Blueprint Coleccion shirt dress, I found myself in awe. I love hybrid feminine/masculine silhouette and the subtle print. I even went as far as to put on my six inchers and tower over everyone around me to play up the mod factor. What a great way to celebrate NYFW from afar.

Dress courtesy of Blueprint Coleccion.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Riding Hood


 libertydenied libertydenied


It's hot here...and as much as I pretend that it's turning into fall, the reality is that the Indian summer has just begun.

So what's the only way I can power through it? Taking pieces that are obviously fall staples and pairing them with my summer uniform in hopes in changing up my look. I would say it worked here, thanks to the helpful addition in my wardrobe sent over by the girls from Blueprint Coleccion.

I have to say, the tunic itself got me a little emotional. Aside from the dope Riding Hood patches along the glittery exterior, the cut and fit reminded me of something my mom would make my sister and I match in when we were little. I'm not deeply connected with my roots but it's hybrid pieces like this that make me appreciate my background more.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Chop star

Most people do whatever it takes to mask their insecurities. I guess I do too to some extent, but my greatest point of doubt has always been on a pedestal.


I know what you're thinking.
I'm nuts! It's so long and full! Any girl would kill for those locks! It's perfect! Blah blah blah.

Perfect. By telling human being something about them is perfect, you are setting them up on a tier that's bound to fall.

Think about it from my perspective:
We live in a world where appearance ranks you,and to a certain extent with social media, determines your value. If you have the goods, consider yourself a reference point that others think they have the right to comment on during every waking moment. When it's good, it's all the talk. When it's bad, it's all the talk. And when eastern meets western culture, let's just say the cataclysm is is...unbearable.

The hair was beautiful to me, but it was toxic for me.

I've thought out my options. Covering it. No. Tying it (hence the undying bun I so lovingly called the "snowball"). Painful. Braiding it..but it didn't matter. The hair found a way to demand attention. It became the focus; the point of envy. I thought I had power because of it. But in reality, it was overpowering me.

This is why I cut it.
The stars aligned and I finally found someone who would get me the right look without compromising who I am. Sal's excitement for the chop matched mine, and now I get to sport art instead of expectations. I'm grateful; living in a world full of possibilities and a few less knots in the neck.

Has anyone ever felt this way? Maybe not about their hair, but height or stature?

I may be a blogger, but I want conversation; not commentary.

Chop chop.

(Special thanks to Sal Salcedo for the amazing cut.)

Friday, August 22, 2014

Yung Witch

 libertydenied Remember these pieces? I sure didn't. Funny what you can put together when you're avoiding your responsibilities.

Happy Friday. xo

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


King Noor LA,libertydenied, streetstyle, headpiece King Noor LA, libertydenied
Street Wear
Modest Wear, libertydenied
King Noor LA, libertydenied

Had the pleasure of shooting with my girls from KingNoorLA a little while back. Even though it was technically our first meeting in person, we vibed right away. The power of the internet, right?

Dope clothes, dope message, dope girls. Love working with people who have a message, a mission and a vision.