Monday, September 29, 2014

Like a Puzzle

 libertydenied, H&M, Trousers, DKNY Dress, Nasty Gal, Zara
 libertydenied, H&M trousers, Jewelry, Shoe Cult, Nasty Gal, DKNY
 libertydenied, H&M, Jewelry, DKNY, Nasty Gal  libertydenied, H&M,DKNY, Zara I can't attribute my personality or opinions to my heritage, but one thing's for certain: On the rare occasion that I style outfits to give off brown vibes, I know my cultural detachment isn't a complete reality.

 But what has been the reason for this hesitance in the first place? I come from a really rich background with lots of beautiful colors, music and ways of dress. Maybe it's just the fact that I'm so far removed that I've never been able to conceive how I fit into that pretty picture. Regardless, I'm not willing to live completely 'white-washed,' if you will. It took me a while to come to terms with this, but I think I get it now.

I guess this look is my way of making an effort to rep those roots a bit more.

Often times, creating the right look is like putting together a puzzle. You have to make sense of it all before you fit the pieces together.

DKNY Dress similar
H&M Trousers similar
Nasty Gal Shoe Cult Sandals

Thursday, September 25, 2014


 libertydenied, Drake
 libertydenied, Drake vs. Lil Wayne
 libertydenied, Guess
 libertydenied, Charlotte Russe
 libertydenied, Charlotte Russe
 libertydenied, Drake

There will ever be a time in my life where I completely wing my outfit. I'm just not that kind of person; never will be. But even still, there are instances when I know that a piece is powerful enough to wear as is: no extensive prep required. I think this jumpsuit is definitely one of those. It said something without screaming it...and I appreciate that.

Being the mall rat that I am, I was actually scouring for something interesting to wear to DRAKE VS LIL WAYNE for a while. After all, he was only going to be thousands of feet away and never see me, so it was necessary to buy something brand new. And I think I made the perfect choice. Some people went overboard, wearing their clubbiest dresses and  making their drunk boyfriends carry them back to the cars after the night was over.

Good times.

But as 90% of my friends would put it, "I'm not about that life".

I'm my own boyfriend. I wore flats. And until the day comes when I can romp around in a mini skirt and sky high heels for 7 hours without a single complaint, I'll be sticking the slightly ghetto sparklepants I know myself to be.

Stick to what you know, and know yourself.

Jumpsuit from Charlotte Russe

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Way Up

 libertydenied, Drake, Drake vs Lil Wayne,

No better way to end the week off than a night of nonsensical trap music and fake eyelashes out the wazoo. Outfit pictures to come.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Delicate Statements

 libertydenied, Haati Chai, Jewelry, Amarilo Jewelry, Amarilo, Showroom Joplin Nasty Gal, Zara
 libertydenied, Haati Chai, Jewelry, Amarilo Jewelry, Amarilo, Showroom Joplin Nasty Gal, Zara
 libertydenied, Haati Chai, Jewelry, Amarilo Jewelry, Amarilo, Showroom Joplin Nasty Gal, Zara
 llibertydenied, Haati Chai, Jewelry, Amarilo Jewelry, Amarilo, Showroom Joplin Nasty Gal, Zara
 libertydenied, Haati Chai, Jewelry, Amarilo Jewelry, Amarilo, Showroom Joplin Nasty Gal, Zara

I don't think I've ever shot photos indoors for this blog. I guess this post is kind of an ode to my high-school self who was obsessed the Terry Richardson white-walled-hyper-flash photos. But since that time, you can tell that I'm my aesthetic has softened up quite a bit.

When you're at a point when your style starts transitioning organically, the times where you aren't stunting as hard are equally if not more important. I love kicking back and knowing that sometimes, how you carry yourself is 'fashion' enough. And I've really come to appreciate simplicity and the power of delicate statements. That may seem like an oxymoron, but take these pieces for example:

Amarillo Jewelry at Showroom Joplin sent me these dope gold rings and armlet. While, from a distance, they may seem like just a little sparkle, but tell a lot more upon closer inspection. I love being able to speak my mind (oftentimes profanities) without even opening my mouth...and I love that these pieces do that for me. After all: that's the power of art, isn't it?

My shift in style has aligned right on time with the start of the Indian Summer.  Now I have every excuse to just wear a plain black midi and deck myself out in just the right details.

Thanks again to Haati Chai and Amarilo xo

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Some Loves Last a Lifetime

 libertydenied, BCBG, BCBGMAXAZRIA, Nasty Gal, Shoe Cult
 libertydenied, BCBG, BCBGMAXAZRIA, Nasty Gal, Shoe Cult
 libertydenied, BCBG, BCBGMAXAZRIA, Nasty Gal, Shoe Cult
 libertydenied, BCBG, BCBGMAXAZRIA, Nasty Gal, Shoe Cult
 libertydenied,  BCBG, BCBGMAXAZRIA, Nasty Gal, Shoe Cult

I have this really bad habit when if there's an upcoming event of any significance, I invest every waking moment coming up with the perfect outfit for it. Every day, I pour more and more of my energy into it and fall more in love than the initial purchase. And as bad as this habit may sound, it was actually beneficial for the occasion.

I wore this shockingly chartreuse dress to a family wedding last weekend. I guess you can say it has been my latest 'relationship'...definitely not a fling. My goal was to be as obnoxious with color as possible...I figured that coupled with the hair cut, it would be surprising to my extended family. But totally forgetting the reason for marriage, I was the one who was surprised when I was enveloped with true love in every detail of the wedding. Everywhere. And while I can't say I fully comprehend how to love a person for the rest of my life, I was glad to at least have been there sporting something I truly love.

The magic didn't end when the clock struck twelve, and neither did the feeling that experience gave me. I never thought I would be capable of feeling that way ever again.

Even now,  the hangs up like a trophy after a win, and I know that it was the right pick. And as my strange habit of collecting one-time-wears continues, I'll always remember that night in that dress...fondly.

I guess you can say that some loves just last a lifetime.

Shoes by Nasty Gal-Shoe Cult

Sunday, September 7, 2014


 libertydenied libertydenied  libertydenied  libertydenied  libertydenied
I've never really enjoyed the summertime. Either it's entirely too busy or really monotonous. And the weather sucks. The best way I can describe who I've become this summer is a 'weekend warrior,' someone trying to soak up every minute of 'me time' and hoping I won't lose myself too deeply in adulthood.

There's a time of day where the sun is still up and the air finally loses its sizzle. It's at this time that I can finally put on something with a bit of warmth and texture and get back to enjoying my surroundings. Shooting during this time is almost like meditation for me. Everything just comes together and suddenly all the gravity of the day just lifts.

You know that I love pairing my staple pleather on pleather, but I also love it when my looks can reflect on these moments of peace.

Tribal Blazer by Blueprint Coleccion

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


 libertydenied  libertydenied
 libertydenied Although I hate to admit it, sometimes I just go overboard trying to expose any bit of skin I can get away with. For those of you who can't relate, let me explain...

I grew up in a relatively conservative environment. Liberal for a brown girl, yes, but conservative in a general sense. That being said, when I started purchasing and experimenting with my own clothing, I would take advantage of whatever I could slip out of the house in. Look after look, I found new loopholes to jump through in order to carve out my own style and still be acceptable to my parents. But after a while, even constant rebellion can get monotonous.

I had been looking for a refresher piece for a while: something to shift my mindset and help me understand my own body shape and taste, especially after the new haircut. With this Blueprint Coleccion shirt dress, I found myself in awe. I love hybrid feminine/masculine silhouette and the subtle print. I even went as far as to put on my six inchers and tower over everyone around me to play up the mod factor. What a great way to celebrate NYFW from afar.

Dress courtesy of Blueprint Coleccion.